How to Install Diamond Car Mats in Easy Steps

Please note that each mat is custom build for each model. Make sure to order for your car. (on the form you will be asked for your model – click here to shop now )

Diamond car mats are quite popular in-car accessories. These mats are durable, comfortable, and stylish as well. It protects your vehicle’s original carpets from dirt and pollution. Also, these diamond mats are waterproof which refrains the water to enter the layers of the mat. After all these benefits and features one wants to get these mats as soon as possible. However, the problem occurs in the installation if you are naive about your car. Therefore, we are here with some easy steps for the installation of the diamond car mats.

Installation procedure

  • First of all, you need to remove the old can mats if you have any and then brush the original car carpets to remove any dust and impurities. Now you need to unbox your diamond car mats. Remove the component pouch from the mat which contains the pins for securing the mat in its place. 
  • Secondly, start from the driver’s side. Lay down the diamond car mat and press the car mats to set them. 
  • Move the picks outward and insert them in the grooves present at the sides to secure the position of the diamond car mats. 
  • Similarly make sure the diamond car mat fits at all the places, between all the cuts and under the breaks, clutch, and accelerator as well. 
  • Once you are done with the front side of the car, move towards the back seats. Repeat the first step of removing the old car mats and cleaning the place. 
  • Now lay down the car mats, press them so that they fit at the place properly. 
  • Turn the pins outwards and then insert them into the grooves on the side. In this way, you are successful in installing the diamond car mats in your car. 

Thus, the installation process of the diamond car mats is as easy as ABC. You just need to know the technique well and follow the steps accordingly. However, the built-in pins are enough for securing the mats but still, you can make it firmer by putting in some extra pins if needed. Grab your diamond car mats now and have a luxurious and comfortable experience while driving.