Diamond Car Mats Now Available for Tesla UK RHS Models

Black Toughmats car mats for Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3.


Travelling in your Tesla takes luxury to the next level. The smooth interior lines and state-of-the-art technology makes your Tesla a safe and stylish way to travel. Now, you can upgrade your Tesla UK RHS model with diamond car mats – making the world’s finest electric cars that much more luxurious. Read on to find out more about the new line of luxury car mats uk from ToughMats and how they’ll make your Tesla experience shine.

The New Tesla UK RHS Model – Infused with Diamond Car Mats

Tesla launches the new UK RHS model as the perfect luxurious and practical vehicle for individuals, professionals and families alike. With state-of-the-art technology, top-of-the-line comfort, better performance and improved range, the new Tesla UK RHS model is the ideal electric vehicle. Now upgrade that experience with the full-set diamond carpet mats from ToughMats. This new sleek and stylish range of mats are designed and tailored specifically for the new RHS model, delivering the maximum luxury and protection for you and your car.

Glimmer of Luxury – Maximize Your Tesla Experience

When it comes to luxurious vehicles, the perfect string of accessories often leaves a lasting impression. The new diamond car mats from ToughMats are here to add that perfect touch of luxury to your Tesla UK RHS model. Not only do they look exquisitely stylish, but they’re also tough, durable and offer maximum protection, no matter where your driving takes you.

Unparalleled Protection with Diamond luxury Car Mats uk

ToughMats’ diamond car mats offer unparalleled protection for your Tesla. Crafted with a waterproof and anti-slip backing, they provide essential grip and resistance against wear and tear no matter where your driving takes you. The mats are designed to fit your Tesla perfectly, delivering maximum coverage throughout the interior.

Upgrade Your Ride – Without Compromising Style

luxury car mats uk

Upgrade your Tesla UK RHS with ToughMats’ diamond car mats and take your car’s luxurious style even higher. These mats come in a variety of colours – giving your car a unique, glamorous and individual look. Whether you’re looking for a classic black or deep navy, these mats perfectly highlight the Tesla UK RHS interior.

Impeccable Style & Durability – Guaranteed

ToughMats ensure that luxury and style never compromise durability and protection. The diamond car mats offer protection against dirt, dust and stains, ensuring that your mats are always looking impeccable and new – no matter how often you drive. Plus, they’re designed to last, so your Tesla UK RHS model is always looking fresh.

More Than Just a Costly Accessory – The Practicality & Savings

The diamond car mats from ToughMats offer more than just an impressive style – they offer further practicality and savings for your Tesla UK RHS model. Not only are the mats quick to clean and long-lasting, but they also give your car its own personalised look and feel. Plus, your car mats will always remain strong, no matter the weather.

It’s Time To Shine – The Tesla UK RHS Model Is Here

Your Tesla UK RHS model will shine brighter than ever with the diamond car mats from ToughMats. With unbeatable style, unimpeachable protection, and incredible savings, these car mats bring an unbeatable level of luxury to your Tesla UK RHS model. Plus, with next day delivery and amazing customer support, you can rest assured that your new car mats will not only look amazing, but will reach you quickly, safely and securely.


The ultimate elegance and sophistication is now ready and waiting in your Tesla UK RHS model. With the diamond car mats from ToughMats, your Tesla’s luxurious interior will shine brighter than ever. So get ready for a glimmer of luxury and upgrade your Tesla experience with diamond car mats today!

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